Thursday, 18 July 2013

after nearly a year gathering my strength...not really weakened, but feeling rather dry...

i've been dreading about scribbling here for some times because i find it hard to sit down and start doing things all over again. but, heck! it won't give any impact to the world if i do it now (or never)!!

I LOATH THE DAY you s*** ruined my blog! my blood, heart & sweat blog! to this moronic satanic soul who has stolen my identity of my facebook, my e-mail (which till now seems being shared with) and my phone number which he manipulated, i curse you here & after. you'll never have any peace in your life, your marriage, your job & even in your sleep, every night!!!

*curse YOU damned hacker!! i know your location somewhere just nearby. i wish i could go & strangle you till you spat blood!! but it's of no use thinking what good might that do to me. as a faithful person, i leave your stupidity to Allah SWT...

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